Sparkfox FTi

Sparkfox, the innovative chamber spark plug.
More durable, more adaptable.

The component’s temperature – an ongoing challenge for the components in a continuous operation of the gas engine. For the chamber spark plug the temperature is a key factor when a long life is required.
This is where the chamber spark plug, Sparkfox, offers an advantage with the integrated temperature sensor as a standard feature. This temperature sensor reports the operating temperature of the spark plug and the temperature in the combustion chamber. Meaning that the operator can take measures to protect the gas engine components and spark plugs.
The combustion processes of gas engine manufacturers are specific and each process has its own individual technical requirements. Here, the chamber spark plug Sparkfox sets a new standard with greater customizability – each process can be customized according to the customer’s requirements.
These advantages are the standard equipment of the chamber spark plug Sparkfox. For additional features please have a look at Sparkfox MWi and Sparkfox PKi.
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