Sparkfox PKi

Sparkfox PKi, the sensitive chamber spark plug.
Includes a sensor for knocking and pressure indication with direct reporting.

One of the key factors in the combustion is the pressure because it provides the most important thermodynamic information. Up to now, the pressure sensor had to pass through the cylinder head into the combustion chamber – where it is also negatively impacted by high temperatures.
However, the chamber spark plug Sparkfox has an advantage with a simple but innovative solution. The pressure sensor is an integrated part of the spark plug’s design, which maintains the integrity of the cylinder head.
In addition, the Sparkfox PKi’s integrated sensor also detects engine knock. Traditionally the sensor for knock detection is attached to the motor block and “listens” to the structure-borne noise vibrations. But the placement at the motor block is challenging, and it only perceives the damped knocking.
While the chamber spark plug Sparkfox has a distinct advantage because the sensor is integrated into the spark plug and “hears” the knocking waves directly. This protects the gas motor from overload when working at its limit and produces at a high efficiency.
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